MODERNDACH - houses and roofs for generations

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About us

The Wooden Structures Factory under the name MODERNDACH exists since 1995.
      We are one of the first companies in Poland that introduced the technology of production of wooden constructions using nail plates.

       At present, we have the most modern girder production lines in the country, and in Europe only a few companies can boast of comparable class equipment. The plant's modernization was aimed at increasing the precision and efficiency of production, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality of our constructions as well as competitive prices.


What do we do?

We offer:

     Complete constructions of single-family and multi-family houses - wooden frame construction

     Complete roof constructions - also from materials and on behalf of other companies.

We design and manufacture wooden houses and roof constructions.


We are able to produce both single-family and multi-family houses, as well as business facilities.

We also subcontract wooden constructions for other companies.

With our knowledge, experience and modern technical facilities, we are able to fulfill even a difficult task.

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It's durable and inexpensive

Prefabricated wooden constructions means economy and high precision of workmanship.
It also means: competitive prices, short assembly times, security, modern technology - computer design and production control and wooden houses.



Easy to assembly roof constructions.

Prefabricated roof constructions work on almost all types of buildings.

The technology of building prefabricated roofs means assembling the roof truss at the construction site, from ready-made elements previously prepared in the production plant. These elements are called trusses or girders.


The wooden elements are designed and made for the needs of a specific building,thus the prefabricated roof is assembled very quickly. As an example, simple structure of a single-family house can be assembled on the construction site in just one day.



Projects that we have already finished:

Below we present the houses and roofs that were produced by our company


One family building

It was simple house that was designed, and produced by our company. Check out the movie from the construction site!

Multi-family houses

We mainly manufacture multi-family wooden houses for the German and French markets. This may indicate that our company adheres to the highest European performance standards.

Model house (watch on youtube)

Our company was a part of "model house" production crew. You can check out the youtube movie where our company worked to finish the model house building.




Łochocin 6/4

87-600 Lipno


tel. +48 721 288 205